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What About That Chimney That Penetrates Through Your Roof?

What about that Chimney that penetrates through your roof?

Preferred Roofing will inspect your chimney for potential leak areas.  The chimney has flashing at the base that prevents water from penetrating into the structure.  Over time the flashing can/will rust and allow water to penetrate.  When having your roof replaced we will remove the shingles around the chimney and inspect the flashing for integrity.  Flashing found to be structurally sound will be covered with the new shingles. The flashing is installed under the shingles and also under the chimney siding or stucco.  Flashing found to be defective must be replaced which will require that the chimney siding is removed. Chimneys with stucco require removal of the stucco at the base and reapplication of stucco after being flashed.  The removal and replacement of siding is not covered in the roofing contract and is at an additional charge.


Chimney Cap:

Chimney Cap

Chimney caps protect your chimney surface from the elements.  Water and sun can wear on the unprotected surface of the chimney causing a breakdown and ultimately a leak. The most common metals for chimney caps are Galvanized Metal, Copper when near salt water or stainless steel.  A flat chimney cap will tend to hold (Pond) water and potentially corrode.  Spark Arrestors extend through the cap and attach to the chimney flue.  Extended water ponding on a chimney caps can result in corrosion at the entry point resulting in a leak.  Chimney caps installed over stucco wrapped chimneys can corrode and cause a leak into the stucco.

We measure and fabricate chimney caps to the exact size of your chimney.  The cap is attached with a variety of fasteners depending on the chimney substrate,  Chimneys are commonly build with brick, stone, stucco, T-111 siding and Hardi Lap or Sheet siding.  Ensuring that your cap and spark Arrestor are in good condition will prevent potential leaks.


Spark Arrestor:

Chimney Cap W/Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestors are fitted to the top of a flue (or a chimney pot) to prevent floating embers from a fire (particularly one burning wood) setting light to a flammable roofing surface (shingle, thatch, or bitumen-felt) or falling onto combustible material on the ground. Such a spark arrestor typically consists of a double layer of metal mesh, which catches the ember and allows the flue gas to escape.” These types of caps also keep debris and unwanted animals out of the flue, along with protecting the system from rain entering.

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