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Preferred Roofing can offer multiple options for new roofs and re-roofs.

We will provide you with quotes for:

  • Shingles – Architectural & 3-Tab
  • Metal
  • Torch Down
  • Tile

We utilize the following manufactures:

  • GAF
  • Tamko
  • Owens Corning
  • Atlas
  • 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply

Most all manufactures offer 20, 25 and 50 year shingles in varying styles. Did you know that while the shingles are listed this way that does not always mean that the warranty is good for that amount of years? Many manufacture warranties cover only the replacement of the shingles and do not include the cost to install them or the cost to dispose of the waste.

Preferred Roofing offers a true replacement warranty that includes all cost from tear off to disposal. This is 100% peace of mind that should something happen to your roof you will be covered.


Beware of companies that send solicitors through your neighborhood! The will commonly ask to get on your roof to conduct a storm inspection. Their pitch is that they can “Get you a FREE roof through your insurance.” They will have you sign a form that they will send to your insurance carrier in order to submit the damage results. This form BINDS you to them as your contractor and any insurance proceeds will be in your name and the roofing contractors name. NEVER sign anything with a roofing contractor unless there is a price listed for the services they will provide. Their goal is to take then entire proceeds from your insurance carrier and install a low quality roof while pocketing the huge profit.

BEWARE of the consequences created by requesting that your insurance carrier replace your roof due to storm damage or wind damage. Many of these storm chasing roofing contractors will attempt to get a roof paid for by the insurance carrier when there is little to no legitimate storm damage. In many cases a homeowner’s roof is at the life expectancy or in poor condition. Once that insurance carrier sends an adjuster to walk your roof they can and will have you replace the roof if the storm damage is not substantiated. The roof must now be replaced at your cost or the carrier will not renew your policy.