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Residential Roof Repair


Are you experiencing problems with your roof? Perhaps it recently started leaking; or maybe it sustained damage after a recent storm. No matter the situation, if your roof is in need of repair you need to do so quickly. When you are in need of a reliable team for residential roof repair call Preferred Roofing. We can provide emergency tarping and usually be onsite to conduct the repair within 48 hours.

Did you know that most leaks are caused by debris in the valley of the roof? Debris from trees hold moisture on the roof and will eventually penetrate down to the wood decking. Have your roof cleaned every 6 months to prevent issues.

Chimneys and skylights leak! Annual homeowner maintenance is required to ensure that these roof penetrations do not leak. The hot Florida sun will deteriorate the waterproofing around these areas and result in a leak. Annual inspection and maintenance will prevent leaks that could be costly in the future!

For more information about our residential roof repair services or to schedule an estimate, call us today.