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Choosing Your Roofing Company?

Some people are under the assumption that all roofing companies do the same quality of work. This is not true! Most homeowners are not aware what should be received from a roofing company. The company you choose should do all the paperwork and fill out all the forms which will benefit you the homeowner in many ways. Our company does all this and our workmanship is very impressive. To be able to work for our company you must be certified in all types of applications of different products. This means we are all required to take classes to learn the proper applications that are required by the manufacturer to work for this company. We hear homeowners say they chose a roofer with 20 +years of experience. If that roofer was never taught correctly then so much for all his experience he claims. All workmanship must be done to the specifications of the manufacturer or it can void warranty along with other additional problems. Below are 7 things to look for that a reputable company will provide!

  • Wind Mitigation – This form is to ensure your insurance company knows you received a new roof system and for doing so are willing to provide you with a discount of around 10%.
  • Lien Release – This is to protect you the homeowner and is required by law. This form states all parties used for your job including the supplier have been paid. Without this form it’s true your property can be leaned after paying your roofer in full.
  • Paid Invoice – It’s important to have an itemized paid invoice to specify the materials used on your job and to show that no additional money is owed.
  • Permits – Every new roof system requires a permit to be filled out and submitted to the county in which you live. Without this permit your job is being done illegally. Certain counties require additional forms to permit. We are aware of all requirements!
  • Warranty Code – This code is from the manufacturer that will protect your warranties that were provided at the time you signed the contract. Be very careful of warranties and make sure your aware of what’s actually in your warranty. To receive a warranty code from the manufacturer you must be a Master Elite Contractor.
  • Contract signing – Be sure that the contract you sign is very detailed and specifies the exact materials being used to do your project. We ask and make sure to answer all possible questions prior to the signing of the contract that way all our jobs run smoothly. (A contract is only as good as what’s specified in it). Be aware of all terms and conditions to protect yourself from dishonest contractors.
  • Master Elite – This is a way to protect you and your home. We are backed by the manufacturer and able to provide you with non pro-rated warranty. Have you ever heard other roofing companies say they will give you a 25 to 50 year warranty? This is a sales pitch and dishonest! It is a pro-rated warranty and has very little value! Master Elite is the only way to have a non pro-rated warranty that is beneficial for you the homeowner. There are less than 3% of roofing contractors with Master Elite Status!

Preferred Roofing LLC is a Master Elite Company that will ensure all aspects of your job is being filled out and submitted properly. It’s important to feel protected and take the worry out of choosing your roofing expert. We will answer all your questions and provide you with the peace of mind you deserve!


Kevin Strickland
Roofing Professional


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