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All Shingles Are Not Created Equal


The shingles you choose for your new roof will be one of the most important decisions you will make on the purchase of your new roof.

Many contractors are more worried about a low bid proposal to be left with the homeowner rather than a product that will perform beyond the expectation of the roof. Always look for the workmanship warranty offered by your contractor, this usually coincides with to quality of the products that are being installed. Our workmanship warranties are from 10-25 years depending on your shingle choice.

GAF Timberline shingles are the only manufacturer that has been awarded a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This was achieved by including uphill water test that no other shingles offer. This is really important in Florida due to the heavy rain and winds associated with tropical storms and hurricanes.

The secret to a shingle having a strong bond and sealing against each other is the amount of tar associated with the tar line on the bottom of the shingle. NO other manufacturer has the amount of tar that is present on the Timberline shingles.

Lifetime warranties: Most warranties are claimed due to a leak, this is what most shingle companies are looking for prior to any claim being submitted. GAF covers granule loss and discoloration in all of their standard warranties. Like any warranty there is a proration period that will reduce the amount of coverage on your shingles. They do not cover the large expense of your new roof which is the labor and underlayment. GAF DOES offer extended non-prorated 50 Year warranty. This includes removal and reinstallation of your roof, others simply give you a voucher less depreciation for the shingles only.

The reason GAF is the leader in this industry is from years of experience and being the only manufacturer that uses diamond shaped granules that interlock to prevent the loss of granules. This keeps the weight on the shingles and prevents wind damage and discoloration.

Now that you have selected the right shingle you need to select the right contractor!


We offer 50 year non prorated all-inclusive warranties backed by the manufacturer.


Richard Revels
Roofing Professional



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