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After Hurricane Matthew

Many homeowners sustained damage from Hurricane Matthew.  The process of dealing with your insurance carrier can be daunting.  Things get more frustrating for homeowners when pushy unethical Roofing Contractors come knocking on the door.  There are multiple companies that will press you to file a claim knowing that you do not have any damage.  As a matter of fact, many of these supposed Roofing Contractors will not even get on your roof to inspect.  Do not fall prey to these types of roofers.  There are multiple great Roofing Contractors in the area that will work with you to get your damage corrected.  Only sign a work authorization once you have contracted with a Roofing Contractor and a price has been provided! If you sign this “Assignment of Benefits Form” the check will come in the contractors name as well.  Many homeowners sign this form thinking that the Roofer will help them get more money on their claim.  All it really does is ensure that their name is on your check even if you don’t wan them to build your roof.  Preferred Roofing will never have you sign ANYTHING until you select us as your contractor!


If you sustained damage call your insurance carrier immediately and report it.  Once they have inspected for damage they will provide you with an Adjusters Report detailing the damages and what they are allowing in terms of payment.  Many homeowners are told “DO NOT SHOW ROOFING CONTRACTORS YOUR ADJUSTERS REPORT.”  This is because many will attempt to take all of the funding provided by the insurance carrier even if the cost to re-roof is less.  Get several quotes from reputable Roofing Contractors for what it will cost to complete your re-roof.  Once you have selected a contractor it is imperative that you share the Adjusters Report with them so that they can comply with the scope of work that the insurance carrier is authorizing.  In many cases since the storm we have helped homeowners re-roofing their home by pointing out things that the Adjuster missed.  Yes, missed!  Many independent Adjusters are not from the State of Florida and do not understand our building code.  They miss things or intentionally do not provide funding.  Often they require that you submit for a supplement on something that they should have authorized in the first place.


In some cases Insurance Carriers attempt to deny claims outright.  This is a shame! One Insurance Carrier will account for everything included in the damage and pay out where another Insurance Carrier will flat out tell you there is no claim.  Working with an ethical Roofing Contractor to look for issues or omissions is in your best interest.  In some cases homeowners choose to contract with a Public Adjuster.  Gold Star Adjusters in Jacksonville is among the best!  They know how to deal with Insurance Carriers that intentionally try to not pay out what they should. Yes they charge a fee but you have someone fighting for you that is well versed in the Insurance Carriers tactics.  Did you know that they can even work with you after the claim is closed?  They have the ability to correct things that were missed and gain the funding you deserve for your repair.


Be savvy and go with your instinct.  Check your contractor out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  What rating do they have? Are they accredited? Consider Roofing Contractors that are Master Elite or Platinum.  These Contractors are backed by the shingle manufacture, receive immense training and build a large quantity of roofs.  A Chuck in a truck that isn’t licensed, insured or competent will never be around to warranty any issues that could come up.  They will build a roof here or there and be unresponsive when you need them.

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